Want to look like your favorite movie star? How to dress like a model

Models are paid thousands of dollars to look their best in front of the camera or sashaying down the catwalk, but when down-time comes they like nothing better than to slip into something a little more relaxing, take off all the makeup and tie their hair back away from their face.

Running from casting to casting means they have to dress as comfortable and as practical as they can, yet still having to look stylish because they work in the world of fashion. Models take key pieces and mix and match them with high-designer pieces to create that gorgeous, casual ‘just flown in from Paris fashion week’ style.

Models can be flown from one country to another within a day so they choose to layer just in case they land somewhere cold when they’re only wearing a vest and some cut off denim shorts. Layering a cardigan over a white vest with a battered leather coat or denim jacket is the perfect way to strip up when they get too hot from running all over the city. Here are our key items to achieve that model style.

1. Jeans – skinny, boyfriend, straight, wide-legged, boot cut or high waisted, jeans are the perfect part of a models off-duty wardrobe.

2. T-shirts – Tee’s are great to throw on when running around the city on castings and over-sized ones can look fab when worn as a dress as the model in grey shows above. Tie a belt round the middle to show off your curves.

3. Cardigan – As mentioned earlier, the off-duty model look is all about layering and a cardigan is great to fit in your bag for a long haul flight in case it gets chilly.

4. Statement jumpers – One thing models love is attention, or else why would they do the job they do, and a statement jumper is the perfect way to say ‘look at me’ without actually ever 

having to say it.

5. Flat shoes – Ballet pumps, biker boots or pumps are a great way to give a model’s feet a rest, especially after fashion week. Choose black to go with everything in your wardrobe. When your flying from country to country its best to have a capsule wardrobe (or just borrow clothes from the shoot and don’t tell anyone)

6. Large tote bag – It’s essential to carry everything you might need when your a model, such as  your Ipod, mobile, face wipes (casting people can make you take your makeup off in a matter of seconds so it’s best to be prepared), lip balm and breath freshener. A large tote bag, in this season’s pop colour such as purple, pink or turquoise, is ideal to carry your life around in.

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