The Office – New Leads Review

The Sales Team Starts to Get Full of Themselves

In The Manager and the Salesman, Jim finds out that he can actually make more money as a salesman than as a manager. In New Leads, the sales team has had a few weeks to take advantage of this policy and it has gone straight to their heads.

They are given all kinds of gifts from Sabre and throwing their huge checks in Michael’s face. The accounting team, Darryl and Michael cannot handle the arrogance anymore.

Michael Hides the Leads

Michael Hides the leads in The Office

When the new leads finally come in, Michael decides to play a game with the salesman. He hides all of the leads in various parts of the office and the sales team must find them using the clues he has provided.

Of course, this only angers the sales team as these leads could give them even bigger checks. But what they are willing to do to get them provided some nice comic relief. Stanley sits with Ryan and Kelly as they argue about the Kardashians, Andy plays “hotter and colder” with Erin to try and find his lead and Jim goes on a scavenger hunt to find his.

However, Michael’s plan backfires (who didn’t see that coming?) when Kevin hides Dwight’s leads in the garbage and the garbage gets taken to the dump. Michael tries to enlist everyone to come help him, but of course only Dwight wants to go.

Sales Team Plan to Share Commissions

The sales team decides they are tired of the animosity and want to reward the rest of the office. They decide to give everyone 2% of their commissions. When the rest of the office awaits their proposal, they see the doughnuts and other snacks and think this is the proposal rather than the 2% commission.

New Leads The Office Sales Team

The sales team dodged a bullet with the snack offering. It will be interesting to see if the rest of the office hears about their other offer, or if the snacks will be enough to keep the peace.

Andy and Erin Kiss

Andy and Erin Kiss in The New Leads episode

At the very end of the episode, we see Andy and Erin kiss, at the dump. Not the most romantic of places, but Andy and Erin aren’t the most romantic of couples. It seems clear the writers want to separate the Andy/Erin relationship from the Jim/Pam relationship.

Granted, Jim and Pam got engaged at a truck stop off the highway, but most everything else in their relationship has been pretty perfect. Andy and Erin’s relationship has been in the making for about a season and it’s good to see it finally coming together.

How long it will last is anybody’s guess. However, fans will no doubt be outraged if it just fizzles out like Darryl and Kelly’s relationship.