BluePlanetDVD Shutdown Notice at the end of April! Versão Portuguesa

2017-10-17 19:26
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BluePlanetDVD Rules

For a flat monthly fee you have unlimited access to the largest DVD library available anywhere (thousands of titles available).

You can rent as many DVDs as you want per month with no due dates and never paying a late fee.

The DVDs you choose are delivered to your mailbox. You send each DVD back in the self-addressed return mailer that came with the mailer in which you received the DVD. The postage is prepaid, so it does not cost you anything.

Once we receive one DVD from you we send you immediatelly another DVD of your choice.

The number of DVDs you can keep at home simultaneously depends on the type of your membership.
The following table lists the types of membership we currently offer:

Type of Membership Average Delivery Time Number of Titles Enrollment Fee Monthly Fee
(Sales Tax Included)
LightBlue 2-3 business days 1 20.00 EUR 15.00 EUR
SoftBlue 2-3 business days 2 40.00 EUR 21.00 EUR
BasicBlue 2-3 business days 3 60.00 EUR 31.00 EUR
PremiumBlue 2-3 business days 5 100.00 EUR 42.00 EUR
* - BluePlanetDVD and the portuguese CTT mail company recommend the use of priority mail options (Blue), as average time is from 2 to 3 business days, superior delays may be verified with irregular frequency.

The Enrollment Fee is simply a security deposit which will be reimbursed to you, if you ever decide to cancel your membership, upon us receiving all DVDs belonging to BluePlanetDVD that you may have in your possetion.

Create lists of DVDs you would like to watch and we will send them to you as soon as they become available. You do not even need to log in to get all the DVDs you want to watch delivered directly to your mailbox!

Reserve soon to be released DVDs and be the first to watch them when they become available.

Refer your friends to us and get one monthly fee credited to your account for each friend that joins BluePlanetDVD. Refer 12 friends and pay no monthly fee for one year!.

So join now and start enjoying the benefits of belonging to the largest online DVD club!

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