BluePlanetDVD Shutdown Notice at the end of April! Versão Portuguesa

2017-10-17 19:29
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BluePlanetDVD Partners

New partners are added on a daily basis.


If you intend to buy a DVD player at a store not currently listed as our partner, please contact us ( so that we can negociate with the store to become our partner.

Partner Store Location Phone Number Email Address
Absolut Rua Pinheiro Chagas 17
1050-074 Lisboa


BluePlaneDVD also recomends the following friendly sites:
A popular forum site about cinema, in Portuguese.
DVD Mania
The most popular Portuguese DVD e-zine
A popular page with lots of interesting and up to date information about DVD in Portugal.
It never was so easy to drive in Portugal

Institutional Partners

Employees of the following institutional partners get special bónus on using the Rental Service:

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