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2017-10-17 19:39
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List of Quizzes

BluePlanetDVD is pleased to announce the regular drawing of DVD titles, in colaboration with radio Antena3.

Member or Non-Members are allowed to enroll by answering one question.

The winning answers will be randomly selected, and each will win one copy of the referred title on DVD. There is no limit to the number of DVDs each contestant may win though several quizzes, but for one quiz, one contestant may win at most one copy.

QuizStart DateEnd DatePrizeWinners
1Passatempo BPDVD / Antena3 -O Sentido da Vida2005-08-152005-08-19DVD " O Sentido da Vida"Published
2Passatempo BPDVD / Antena3 -Uns compadres do Pior2005-08-082005-08-13DVD "Uns compadres do Pior"Published
3Passatempo BPDVD / Antena3 -Em Águas Profundas2005-08-012005-08-06DVD "Em águas profundas"Published
4Passatempo BPDVD / Antena3 - A Vida De Brian2005-07-252005-07-30Dvd - A Vida de BrianPublished
5Passatempo BPDVD / Antena 3 - "Alfie e as Mulheres"2005-07-182005-07-23DVD "Alfie e as Mulheres"Published
6Antena 3 / BPDVD - Gang dos Tubarões2005-07-112005-07-16DVD "Gang dos Tubarões"Published
7ANTENA 3 / O Tesouro2005-07-042005-07-09DVD "O TESOUROPublished
8Antena - 3 Alfie2005-06-272005-07-02DVD - "Alfie e as mulheres"Published
9Antena3 - Gang dos Tubarões2005-06-202005-06-24DVD - Gang dos TubarõesPublished
10Antena3-OTesouro2005-06-132005-06-18DVD - O TesouroPublished

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